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Is your organization ready for the new Belgian Company Code?

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1 May 2019: The new Belgian Company Code

What is the new Belgian Company Code and how did this reform come about? The objective is clear: to modernize Belgian company and association law by simplifying it.

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What has changed and who is impacted?

The Belgian corporate landscape is about to get revamped with changes set to impact the legal, tax, accounting and advisory aspects of all Belgian legal entities.


How can we help you?

Find out how KPMG and K law experts can guide you along the road to compliance.

Are you prepared for the new way of doing business in Belgium?

Watch our short video and discover what’s in store under the proposed new Belgian Company Code.


How can we help you?

One of the most important simplifications introduced by the new Code is the integration of the company and association law into one code. With this comes a reduction of the number of company forms.